While the global economy got hit by novel corona virus scarcity, online grocery shopping witnesses a sharp growth in acquiring the business.  

As people are going into social distancing mode to avoid getting infected by the virus, the more they are trying to avoid shopping malls or the local market to buy daily consumed products. Also, people are trying to avoid outside gathering, restaurant, movie theatre and parties.  

The more people stay at home, they are getting more towards home cooked food rather than ordering from outside. Everyone is spending a huge part of the income on Day to day consumed items.  

Also, because of the complete “lock down” started from 25th march, people are getting more concerned about Piling up more food at home.  

In tire 1 and tire 2 cities, online grocery delivery service is getting more and more incoming orders which have never been seen before. Also, there is a huge jump in acquiring new customers in the business. On the other end lifestyle and luxury items are getting Less attraction.  

Everyone is worried about the situation, but some business organizations have seen huge opportunity in it. Many new players have jumped into the online grocery delivery business to take advantage of it.